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Somers Varsity holds Huskies scoreless in first half but lose 21-6 .

Posted Tuesday, November 01, 2005 by Tony DeMatteo

Journal News article - (click here )

Unofficial Game Summary

As coach Dematteo said in the pre-game dinner last night , "these are the type of games you look forward to all year both coaching and playing " . The 7th ranked Tuskers would have to be on top of their game to take down a powerful #2 Huskies football team.

And they almost did just that . Somers held Harrison to a scoreless first half showing the Huskies just how tough their defense has been throughout the year. At halftime you could see Harrison looking down and just walking off the field while the Somers team jogged off and looking like they were ready for more.

The first quarter opened up with Harrison stopping Somers first possession going 3 and out . A 40+ yd punt by Nick Debellis would put Harrison well back in their territory and work hard getting the ball downfield. Eventually , Somers stopped Harrison on the 20 where a 37 yd FG attempt fell short and the battle lines were drawn. Each team attempted to mount offensive attacks throughout the first half but the defense on both sides would not yield. Somers did have a nice 20 yd Newman to ( ?C Gonzalez ? ) pass into Husky territory but an interception soon followed to stop the rally as the 1st quarter ended with no score.

In the second quarter it was Somers turn to shine on defense as they stopped Harrison on two separate drives while in Somers territory. The key one was toward the end of the 2nd quarter where Harrison hammered away at the Somers defense but was denied on 4 attempts at the Somers 20 . The message was sent loud and clear to the Huskies that Somers was for real and no blowouts were going to happen on this day.

As the 3rd quarter kicked off, the Harrison team seemed to figure out a few chinks in the Somers defense and began another march into Somers territory. One of the few long plays of the game then struck against Somers with a 45 yd naked QB bootleg giving the Huskies a 7-0 lead.

Somers quickly counterpunched starting off with Chris Gonzalez returning the ensuing kickoff to the Somers 42 . A few plays later as Somers was marching into Harrison territory the Huskies forced a fumble and started another long TD drive making the score 14 - 0 .

Then the Somers magic looked like it would come back again like it has all season. Just when you think the team is down and out they find a way to get back into the game . Starting at their own 25 , Somers started their own march with runs by Ethan Tepp and Nick Gonzalez to move the ball downfield into Harrison territory. Matt Newman completed the drive with a 30yd TD pass to Chris Gonzalez making the score 14-6 and putting Harrison back on notice that this game was not over by a longshot with a full quarter remaining to play.

The Somers D mounted one last stand as they forced a fumble recovered by Billy Wortner on the Harrison 35 giving Somers new life and a golden opportunity to tie up the score. The Harrison defense then showed why they are one of the best in the county as they stopped Somers on 4 downs thereby allowing their team one more opportunity to grind out yards, run down the clock and eventually score an insurance TD with 2:30 left in the game.

On a final note, the Somers fans once again came in droves and were highly supportive of their Tuskers . The student body was well represented and provided some great chants and energy to the game which we hope to see for all Somers teams throughout the year.

No info yet whether there will be any additional games played for the remainder of the season.

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