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Varsity Cheerleader shows remarkable dedication and effort.

Posted Friday, October 14, 2005 by Tony DeMatteo

This story needs to be shared. The Cheerleaders were incredible during the monsoon that engulfed the Panas game. In addition to the fortitude the entire Cheerleader team showed by cheering until the game ended, the dedication and effort of Yasmin LaGreca should be congratulated.

This is her story..............

Early that morning and afternoon I was taking my SAT and then waiting for my Mom to come pick me up. When I got home I had 15 minutes to get ready in order to make it on time for the 3 o'clock game. I rushed to put on my not-so-water-proof Somers Football Sweatshirt and insisted that my mom drive me to the game ASAP. As soon as I buckled my seatbelt and my mom began backing out of the driveway we heard a repetitious thud in the front right hand side of the car. My Mom nonchalantly stated "oh, I think we have a flat"

Frustrated, I jumped out of the car and looked....there it was, the brick wall that was preventing me from getting to the game on time. Panicked, I ran into the house and called every single cheerleader I knew was going to be at the game. I attempted to see if someone could pick me up and when no one answered I insisted on calling others I knew were planning on attending the game to pick me up. Unfortunately I had no luck.

At exactly 3 o'clock, I finally called Ms. Curcio and warned her that I would not be able to attend the game due to a flat tire. On the verge of giving up I remembered 3 words my step-father always tells me when I'm stuck in a jam. "Adapt, Improvise, Overcome"!!!!

I muttered these words to myself over and over and suddenly a light bulb went off. I can take my bike! I only live 3 miles away from the school! I could make it before 1st half was over if I left right away.

My mom still sitting in the car, watched as I ran into the garage took out my bike, opened her car door and said, "I'll call you when I get there, you don't get to live through your senior year twice, there's no way I'm missing this football game! I have to see the boys win." My Mom didn't know what to say. I suppose she was wondering whether I was serious or not.

I proceeded to get on my bike and peddle away...traveling onto 139 I noticed the front tire on my bike was flat....go figure. There was no way I was going back home. I though about the trip and concluded that most of it was down hill so I wouldn't have to worry too much about the tire; plus it was raining so the traction would have probably been worse had it been full of air. It was really pouring out and nothing for nothing I was kinda soaked by the time I got to the game. I was able to make it in the middle of 2nd quarter, and enjoyed the rest of the windy, wet game.

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