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JV - Poignant Passes Pachyderms Past Panas

Posted Wednesday, October 12, 2005 by Douglas Packard

Poignant Passes Pachyderms Past Panas

I cannot lie, it was a tie, but a good tie, I'll tell you why!

We started slow, we couldn't go.
The shotgun snap, it went like crap.
They blocked the kick, it made us sick.
In the quickest time I've ever seen, we were losing by thirteen.

Again they got the ball and would not stall.
The Tuskers took timeout to see what we were all about.
What appeared to be a Panas chortler was derailed with a tackle from Mike Ortler!
A Panas runner appeared ready to go, but was stopped with a hit by Jo Jo.
The Corning sack slowed their attack.
Another runner tried to flee, but was flattened by JT!!!
Spencer here, Robbie there, Defensive tackles everywhere!!!
Kup and Tino, Henry and Nellie, Knocking runners on their belly.
And if the corner they tried to go, then they met Alexander Saebo.
Penney punted, Chavez grunted,
Carey crushed, Zack rushed.
Todd tackled, Ralph rackled.
Tevere persevered and Kyle smiled.
Young Coach P really energized the D.
(and me and tim liked the Angels win).

The first pass, it was real pretty. Dylan caught it on the fitty.
He ran it in and kicked number seven, the tide had turned for the Somers Eleven.

And then The Drive, it was real long, it started with the fullbacks strong.
Rob and Joe made it go, but at the end we had to throw.
Eric and Brad would not be sad, the Panas endzone had to be had.
They ran it down to the six, then Poignant to Marasco was the fix.

EJ fumed, Adam stole the ball, but it was a good day overall.
But, to the bus we had to go, for the music mix from Trabucco.

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