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SOMERS BEATS PANAS 12-0 in driving winds and rain

Posted Saturday, October 08, 2005 by Tony DeMatteo

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In monsoon like conditions , Somers had to play a more conservative game and rebound from a few fumbles to ensure a solid win against a game Panas team .

Given the terrible conditions and a big game ahead against Greeley, the
situation looked ripe for another 0-4 team to upset the Tuskers as it has in past years with Nanuet and Lourdes, but this team has a different moxie and determination about them. This team will not beat themselves.....

In the opening quarter , it looked like Panas was going to be able to move the ball at will with some good off slant runs between the tackles but eventually fumbled the slippery ball at around the Panas 45 yd line. Surprisingly , Somers elected to throw on their opening play and caught Panas off guard when Matt Newman connected with Kevin Winters for a 15 -20 yd catch and run. Somers then used an inside-out attack of Debellis up the middle and Winters speed on the outside to get the ball down to the Panas 1 yd line. Debellis finally punched in the opening score but missed the pt after for a 6-0 lead .

The Somers D started to figure out Panas' game and began tightening up their attack and keeping Panas at bay. An interception around midfield lead to the next score in the 2nd quarter where a mixture of runs by Debellis, Nick Gonzalez and Evan Von Heyn steadily pushed the ball downfield till Nick Debellis bulled in for another 1 yd TD . Facing a stiff wind and rain, Somers elected to go for a 2 pt conversion and just missed what appeared to be a sure score when Matt Newman's pass just slipped off the fingers of Nick Gonzalez. The defense remained stingy and the team when into halftime with a 12-0 score.

In the 3rd quarter , Somers chewed up the clock and played ball control along with a few key pass plays from Newman to Von Heyn to keep the chains moving. The defense continued to keep Panas in their own territory and did not seem to be much of a threat.

In the 4th quarter, Somers eventually mounted another time consuming offensive attack with mostly runs up the middle by Debellis to eventually get to the Panas 1 yd line. Panas put on a strong goal line defense and denied Somers 4 times from the 1 . This seemed to spark the Panas team as they quickly moved the ball downfield with a couple of long pass plays to the Somers 30. Penalties once again hurt the Panas team and the Somers defense dug in one last time to force the Panthers to turn the ball over on downs. Somers then ran out the clock on it's final possession to seal the victory and set up next week's "battle of the unbeatens" where they go to Horace Greeley and see who will claim the League A-A title.

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