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Gearing Up for Pre-Game Dinners

Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2005 by Tony DeMatteo

Everyone's excited about the 2005 season! Pre-game dinners are a big part of the football experience for all our boys, freshmen through seniors. Each week, we will feed more than 70 very hungry players & coaches.

The more people that pitch in, the easier it is! Although the Seniors' moms traditionally organize the dinners, we have a large pool of talented & enthusiastic moms at every grade level. A little help from everyone will minimize time, effort & cost.

We will begin a sign-up sheet for each dinner, including quantities, sizes & suggestions at the R/W Scrimmage & BBQ on Sept. 1.

Following is an outline for what is needed, including quantities, sizes & suggestions:

Total trays of food = 8-10 large, aluminum chafing-dish size:
You may make / purchase whatever you like.

A few suggestions (from the players) include: baked ziti, mac & cheese, chicken cutlets / parm, chicken wings, meatballs (Italian or Swedish), steak dish, sausage & peppers, fried chicken, penne a la vodka, chili, mashed potatoes & brown gravy, bbq ribs.

Guidelines for making a large quantity:
Use 5 lbs. pasta for pasta dishes; 10 lbs. meat for chicken / meat dishes

Salad: Two large trays
For Caesar salad:
12 hearts of Romaine (avail. in pkg. of 6 heads from BJ's / Costco)
Croutons & dressing

Bread: 12 loaves total (sliced)

Dessert: brownies, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Drinks: Gatorade (purchased w/funds from Touchdown Club)
4 gal. water

Coffee for coaches: 3 carafes regular / sm. carafe decaf
-pint non-fat Half & Half

Supplies: Foil trays / stands / sternos (& lighter/matches); serving utensils; paper towels; sponge; napkins; plastic forks, knives & spoons; drink cups / plates / salad bowls (purchased w/funds from Touchdown Club).

Donations are accepted in lieu of the above, to be used toward paper products for the season, post-season dinners, pizza, wedges, etc.


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