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Tuskers Emblaze Victory On New Field!

Posted Saturday, September 08, 2007 by Ghost Rider

Tuskers Emblaze Victory On New Field!

September 7th, 2007 Lincolndale, NY

A tough Brewster team that would not go down rolled into Somers Friday night for Game 1 of the 2007 season and the opening of the new stadium. The Tuskers had a lot to live up to being ranked #1 in the North County News football preview for the 2007 season.

On the opening drive our men moved the ball with ease. We open with Lombardo running hard right behind Kane and Parlitsis for a cool 5. Haas sweeps left for 16, then McGuire throws a roll out pass to Haas for another 15. Deiana slices up the middle behind Smith, Corning and Parlitsis – plus 10. The drive culminates with a roll out pass right from McGuire to Haas - TOUCHDOWN. Somers 6 Brewster 0.

Brewster takes possession, first play a QB sneak slices through the Somers D for 8 yards. Brewster moves the ball for 3 first downs. Tackles made by McFadden, Ortler, Madigan, Brady, Haas, Smith, Kane and the rest of the Somers D. Fourth and nine Brewster back to pass here comes Lombardo, the QB is sacked for a loss of 5. Somers takes over on downs.

Somers starts with a pitch to Deiana, he runs right for 32 yards and a first down. We move the ball for another 1st down. Lombardo to the right again, big hole by Kane, and Parlitsis – boom – he can’t be stopped – a 22 yard touchdown run. Tullgren kicks the extra point it’s now Somers 13 Brewster 0.

Brewster would not give in. On the kick Brewster runs it back 87 yards for the touchdown. Somers 13 Brewster 6.

On the next series Somers goes 3 and out.

Brewster takes over and keeps the ball on the ground. Tackles by Mongelli, Tullgren and Ortler. Brewster back to pass here comes the D, it’s a screen, Brewster picks up a cool 7 stopped by Ortler and Kane. Short pass in the seem, another 4 yards. Brewster goes back in the pocket, he’s looking long lets it go left the receiver is wide open, a 40 yard touchdown pass. The extra point is up – it’s blocked by Kane! Somers 13 Brewster 12.

Somers gets ball and moves it for 3 first downs. Runs by Haas, Deiana and Lombardo bring us to the doorstep of Brewster’s end zone. Somers fumbles and Brewster recovers.

Brewster takes over, goes 3 and out. The punt is returned by Haas for 10 yards.

Somers takes the ball deep in Brewster territory hoping to punch one in before the half. The ball is loose again, Brewster recovers. Another turnover for Somers, probably 1st game jitters for such a young group.

Brewster drops back to pass, here comes the rush, it’s a screen again. The ball is released, Kane reads the play, he stretches he arms up and whisks the ball out of thin air! He tucks it and runs down to the 15! Somers refuses to let this opportunity go, as the drive culminates in a roll out pass from McGuire to Haas. Tullgren hits the extra point and Somers goes into the locker room with a 20 to 12 lead.

The second half goes back and forth with more turnovers on fumbles by both teams. Last Somers drive of the 3rd quarter ends in a 40 yard punt by Zmuidins. Brewster takes the punt and here they go again, with one man to beat Zmuidins makes the hit and brings the runner down saving a touchdown.

Somers D holds Brewster to 3 and out with tackles by Bernardi, Lombardo and Deiana. On 4th down Brewster makes the move, the runner is caught by Deiana, the ball is loose, Somers recovers. Bernardi comes up with it and Somers has the ball!

Lombardo up the middle – plus 6, next play again for 18, first Down. Deiana on the counter for 3, once again for 7, first down. Lombardo up the middle behind Corning, Parlitsis and Smith for 13, first down. Haas goes left behind McFadden and Smith for another 10, first down. Deiana moves around the right end, another 8 inside the Brewster 5. Lombardo to the right behind Kane and Parlitsis – Touchdown! The point after is good. Somers 27 Brewster 12.

One more attempt by Brewster. They get us on a fake punt – pass for 15 yards and a first down. We hold them, take the ball and run out the clock.

The final, Somers 27 Brewster 12. A strong performance by Somers, we showed a lot of hard work, plenty of talent and desire. A lot of mistakes that will be corrected this week by coach D and his staff. Most importantly with all of the adversity we put on ourselves we took control and got the win. The new field will be around for many, many years and thanks to this team and their coaches all Somers players and fans will always have the memory of its opening being a sound victory.

The game was broadcasted on AM 1510 by Ken Stein, Putnam County ESPN radio.

We continue our quest next Saturday night at Ossining. Ossining also won their 1st game edging Lakeland 23 – 14, so it should prove to be a good contest.

The Tuskers want to thank everyone for a great turnout and a complete sellout of our concession stand!

See you Saturday night. Wear your Somers apparel. If you don’t have any pick some up at the game or go to the website http://www.somersfootball.com/forms/ .

Be there, Aloha.

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