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07 Block & Tackle Scrimmage

Posted Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Ghost Writer

June 29th, 2007, 9:00 am -

The week has been hot. 90+ degrees every day. It was humid as well. Our fearless Tuskers braved it well, working hard despite Junction Boys weather conditions. Today we earned a respite, 67 degrees and over cast. The die-hard fans are gathered for the famous Friday scrimmage of Block and Tackle Football Camp, a right of passage marking the beginning of the season. I can feel the excitement in the air, the buzz of energy, the intensity of coaches and players. After a week of grueling heat and hard work, today is our reward, full contact against a formidable opponent. Our team is sharp, anxious, alert and ready to go.

We start on D vs Yorktown. First play dive right no yards! Back to pass goes Yorktown, 1 handed sac by Robbie Lombardo. The next few Somers D stands tough. Yorktown finally completes a long diving catch to their right receiver on the 2. We hold them for 4, then they punch it in. Next set, Yorktown drops back, 1 handed pick by Matt Diana. We set on O, give to Diana, runs right off tackle, big hole,a few jukes,Touchdown! Short drop over the middle high reach reception by Ortler. Rob Lombardo up the middle, huge hole by the O line, Touchdown! Next carried inside 5 yards, off tackle 3 yards, inside pitch 6 yards as we continue our march down field. Inside pitch, Haas to the 1. Diana around the right end, Touchdown! No penetration by the D - our O line is a fortress. Scrimmage ends, Somers clearly on top!

We take the field against Arlington. We start on D, up the middle, we hold them to 2. Pass left broken up by Ortler. Run left bounces off line with a crack, thrown for a loss. Back to pass, heavy pressure, sack! Up the gut for 1. Rolls right heavy pursuit by Lombardo, whistled for sack. Arlington moves it for a Touchdown. Somers move to O. Pitch to Diana, a cool 10. Robbie L up the middle for 5. Haas fights for an extra 3, pickup of 5. Lombardo up the gut to the 4. The line keeps pushing. Touchdown!
Eric Z back to pass, plenty of protection, long ball, Bello in the ned zone, 35
yard touchdown pass! Now we face RC Ketchum. Tommy Mcguire rolls right puts it up, Timmy DePaulo, Touchdown! Tommy rolls left, quick out to Bernardi 8 yard gain. Pitch to Petri, 5 yard gain. Mcguire back, plenty of time right side of the end zone, Touchdown! Z straight back, to Bernardi nice catch plows through, Touchdown! Somers rolls in the season with a great performance on O and D. Next stop, the summer program, agility, weights, triples and the Red and White. Everything leads to September 7th when we open our beautiful new field against Brewster. Be there, Aloha!

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