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Tuskers dig deep in 20-15 comeback win for the Dematteo bowl !

Posted Friday, November 10, 2006 by Bill Wortner

Unofficial Review

Wow......it's over.... (Is it really over ????)...... I can't believe the season is finally over !!!

When you end on a thrilling win like the one Somers did by digging down deep and executing when the chips were down, you don't want it to end ! You want another game against Nyack or Fox Lane or Ossining or anyone else and prove you can beat any of them on any given day.......

But in reality, I'm glad it is over. Somers was a banged up team and really not at full strength these past few games. The real victory was seeing this team sticking together, never giving up and working through lots of injuries and other challenges (like no home field ! ) to be in every game, win or lose. This is what character is all about ! We know if completely healthy, these last few games would have been blowouts (and we'd be playing Harrison again ! ) . I hope the boys will eventually look back at this year and realize how victorious they were in overcoming much adversity and pulling out two come-from-behind victories finishing the season with a 7-3 record ! As Martin Luther King once said, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." This Somers team should stand tall and look ahead .

Thank you Coach D (and all the coaches) for teaching our kids not how to win....but to know that success is earned through hard work, perseverance and believing in yourself. Such lessons in life ! I , (and many other parents ) can not thank you enough for these gifts !

So onto the final writeup to a hard fought, well earned, 7-3 season ! It felt like this was a little bit of deja vu for some of us when back in 2004, Somers played Hen Hud (HH) in the final game of the year ( I believe we beat them pretty good that night ) . So there were high hopes that history would repeat itself. HH is a small team. Good but not great . If Somers plays their power game, HH had no chance .....and that's how the game opened up......

With Somers getting the opening kickoff, they quickly went to work Deiana for 6 yards, Von Heyn for 10, Tepp for 10 ! McGuire with a 10 yd pass and suddenly Somers was inside the HH 30 . It took penalties to stop the drive with Somers punting from the 50 , David Segal pinned HH on the 3 yard line. The Somers D stopped HH on 3 tries and got the ball back on the HH 35 yd line. With a short field, the Tuskers quickly went to work with Deiana for another 10, Von Heyn for 5, Lombardo dragging people for 3 yards, a McGuire to Von Heyn pass for a key 1st down with Tepp finally bulling in for a TD and a 7-0 score . It seemed that Somers was in cruise control and this would be a big night.

But not so fast ..... HH responded on the kickoff with a monster return where it looked like a sure score but Mike Ortler came streaking out of nowhere with a TD saving tackle at the Somers 15 ! Once again the Tuskers red zone defense is stingy and denied HH on a 4th and 3 on the 5 yard line. Somers getting the ball deep in their territory could not mount a drive and had to punt. HH was quickly back on the attack but Somers once again would stop them on a 4th and 2 on the Somers 25 yard line. This time Somers responded with a big 35 yard run from Deiana . Add a couple of HH penalties, a Lombardo 10 yd run , and the ball is on the HH 5 yard line in less than a minute ! Once again Tepp found the seam and scored to make it 14-0 at halftime. The night was looking bright for Somers....

The second half was a different story. HH came out with a few trick pass plays and quickly moved the ball to the 5 yd line threatening to score . Only a great goal line stance again by Somers (led by Tepp on a great backfield tackle and a nice pass deflection) stalled the HH attack on the 6 yard line. Somers offense stalled somewhat with center Billy Wortner sidelined with an injured shoulder in the second half and the Tuskers were stopped at their 46 yd line. HH finally hit paydirt with a big halfback option pass play for a TD and suddenly it was a game at 14-7 ! Somers looked to get some momentum back with a nice 17 yard run by Deiana and a 25 yd scamper by Von Heyn but the drive was thwarted on a fumble at midfield. HH quickly struck again with a 50 yd run (nice TD saving tackle by Haas at the 3 ) and eventually punched one in for the TD . Extra pt was missed and the 3rd quarter ended at 14-13 .

In the 4th quarter, HH would threaten again recovering an onsides kick and marching down to the Somers 5 yd line. Once again the red zone defense stonewalled HH on a 4th and 1 at the goal line ! (how many times have we seen Somers do that this year ? Incredible heart and determination..... The joy quickly became pain as Somers would mishandle a punt snap in their endzone for a safety and HH had their lead at 15-14 with 4:29 to go and getting the ball back due to the safety !

C'monnnnnn Somers . One more drive , one more big drive ! Show HH what you were really all about this year ! Dig deep defense ! DIG DEEP ! ..... And dig they did ! HH was quickly shut down on their next series on 3 downs. The punt was partially blocked . Somers had the ball on their 40. It was at this moment , as the offensive team came out on the field , you could tell they meant business. HH was in trouble and they didn't know it yet , but it didn't take long......... Deiana 5 , Von Heyn 5 , Tepp 9, Von Heyn 6 ! You could see HH backpeddling and trying to figure out what was going on . Von Heyn 15 ! Tepp another 5 ! 40 seconds to go and Somers inside the 10 ! The senior duo were not going to be denied . Finally Tepp banged in the winning score with :28 left on the clock. The place erupted. The team erupted . The medics were in the stands dealing with the numerous heart attacks which occurred in every parent's chest ......This team NEVER gives up !

What a year it has been ! Not every team can be state champion, but what fun it was knowing that you had champion caliber team to watch every week .

Great game Somers ! Great year !. Thanks for all the wonderful memories !

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