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Somers barely gets by Lakeland 13 - 12

Posted Friday, November 03, 2006 by .

Unofficial Game Review

At tonight's game I don't know what I was madder about . The announcer being totally one sided rooting for the Lakeland team (and not mentioning our players at all ) OR the fact that the Somers D could not stop Lakeland on any 3rd down situations the entire evening.

It was that kind of a frustrating night ......

After the loss to Nyack last week , you had a feeling that Somers was not going to bring their "A" game to the table . As the game progressed into the evening, it didn't even look like Somers would bring their "B" game either as Lakeland's methodical running attack controlled time of possession for 75% of the game.

The first quarter was completely owned by Lakeland on one drive (that's right... ONE drive ) The Lakeland QB was quick and was using a series of QB keepers to make several first downs and keep the Lakeland drive going....... 3rd & 3 - 1st down , 3rd & 8 first down, 3rd & 1 first down , 4th & 6 2 1st down ! It was like a slow motion nightmare as Somers could not seem to figure out how to stop this trudging ground attack which was now threatening on the Somers 17 yard line. Finally a couple of penalties stalled the drive and Somers finally took over on the 23 .

The second quarter was no better. The Somers offense was unable to get going and punted the ball away to the Lakeland 32 . Lakeland quickly picked up where they left off and started marching down the field. With about 2:00 left in the half , Lakeland was knocking on the door again at the 8 yard line with 3rd and 1 for another first. Somers goal line D stiffened up and held Lakeland both on 3rd and 4th down tries thwarting another score. Somers would try and mount an attack but would fumble at the end of the half and a 0-0 score.

In the second half it looked like Somers came alive and would become their "old self" and mount a charge as Ethan Tepp bounced off a tackle behind the lines and raced 70 yards downfield to the 6 yard line. This time it was Lakeland's turn for a goal line stand and turned back Somers from trying to score on 4th down vs kicking a field goal on the 5.

Lakeland now buried deep at their 3 yard line almost seemed to be in big trouble. Somers almost had a safety with a QB sack in the endzone , but was able to get the pass off. Somers once again had Lakeland trapped 3rd and long on their 19 yard line when a deep pass was caught resulting in an 80 yd TD score ! (and will someone please go up and smack that announcer a few times ? I thought WE were supposed to be the home team! )

That TD seemed to finally wake up the Somers attack . Starting on their own 27 yard line , Robbie Lombardo got them room with a 12 yard run . Lakeland now focusing on the run was caught offguard with a nice 30 yd pass from McGuire to Deiana and suddenly Somers was on Lakeland's 27 yd line ! A 20 yd run by Deiana was then finished off with a TD run by Lombardo and the score was tied 6 2 6 to end the 3rd quarter . Maybe the Tusker engine was finally revving up ????.

Lakeland would not lay down and die though. Opening the 4th quarter , Lakeland mounted another long march which would eventually end with a 15 yd TD pass and a 12-6 score . (kudos to special teams coming through with 2 blocked kicks !) The table was now set for the final Somers charge with 9:00 to go ......

It started on the Somers 40 and Von Heyn opening up with a powerful 8 yard run. Lakeland pushed back and Somers faced a 3rd and 11 on their 48. Once again Von Heyn would get the pitch , find a seam and rumble 35 yards to the Lakeland 16. Then it was Haas's turn with a 10 yard sweep for a 1st and goal. Tepp would get the honors banging it in from the 3 for the TD and a 12-12 tie. The extra point kick now became a very tense moment but Segal was able to cleanly knock it through. Somers was FINALLY in the lead 13-12 (and the announcer FINALLY started saying Somers player names as well ! )

Lakeland would mount one last charge with 4:00 to go and were able to push into Somers territory with 2:00 to go. Never a dull moment , the Somers D was able to dig in one last time and stop Lakeland on 4th & 5 to seal the win.

Note to self - Make sure Roman gets a neutral team announcer for the Dematteo bowl !!!

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