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Tusker Youth Escapes Scare At John Jay

Posted Tuesday, October 24, 2006 by Mark Solazzo

With 1:38 remaining in the game the Somers boys finally figured out a way to take the lead. That's the good news. It all started out at the beginning of the 1st quarter, Somers came out flat. The blocking, tackling, running even the special teams were none existent. This all added up to a 13-0 defict. The team had never been in this big of a hole before. So they began to climb out and by halftime they had cut John Jay's lead to one point 13-12. Somers was poised to go ahead in the third quarter except no one told the Indians. Once again the Tuskers were numb, offensively and defensively. Poor play on both sides of the the ball brought us to the middle of the 4th. With their perfect season in jeopardy the team finally started to gel. It happened on defense first, they were able to push John Jay back and forced them into a punting situation. This proved to be their downfall as the punt was returned to their seven yard line. Time was running out and the Tusker youth would have to show poise and determination to get the victory they so much desired. That's exactly what
they did, a short running play and a short touchdown pass later led to their 6th straight win of the year. Final score Tuskers 20 Indians 13. Congratulations to both teams for giving
their fans the most exciting game of the year! See you next week at Putnam Valley for more heart stopping excitement.

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